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Just part of the industry culture

Working on a personal project to help make adland culture safer for women. Do you have examples of when you knew something was inappropriate but let it slide or laughed it off because it’s “just part of the industry culture” and now regret it?

Use a poll

I work in social media. It’s such a toxic field.

I’d love to know if anyone has had the same experiences.

We’re talking: working until 5 am for content approvals, being considered a jack of all trades, superiors not understanding what social actually means, getting texts and calls outside of work hours for “context suggestions”, DMs at all hours on your personal instagram for inspiration, having to do it all yourself -Copywriting, strategy, calendar development rather than having any support. It’s brutal out there.

If my boss says to me: use a poll one more time, I’m gonna snap.

Backlash for leaving

Has anyone experienced backlash for leaving?

I was invited to a gala night as a reward for good work. The day after I put in my resignation I was uninvited to the gala night and not only that, so was one other person who had resigned. Gala night comes and someone couldn’t make it so they decided it was better to have an empty seat at the table than someone who was leaving.

Never seen something so petty in my life.

Probation after maternity leave

A friend of mine who’s just returning from maternity leave is being put on probation, does anyone know the legalities around that?

Honoring 2-month notice

How do you fight back when the employer threatens you with legal action if you don’t honor a 2-month notice (at an “at will employment” US State)? I am so stressed about on top of the work stress..the stress of knowing they would fight my resigning