Uninspiring new job

I find my new job uninspiring and not something I actually wanted to do. I’ve been here under a year and I’ve managed to find a new gig (someplace I can actually grow). I feel guilty for leaving .. how do you deal with this!!


  1. GoForIt

    Been in this exact position! Was in a job only three months and liked the team, but found the work really uninspiring and my work ethic weakened as a result. The job I’d been desperately wanting for some time popped up and I pursued it thinking it wouldn’t go to me in the end anyway, but it did. I agonised over it for a few days as the thought of quitting made me feel sick and I was worried about how it would look, but then realised I couldn’t stay in a job because I was too afraid to disappoint the people there briefly only to disappoint myself much more in the long run. Future employers will understand this if it ever comes up (if they’re worth working for). The place I was at ended up being really supportive when I told them, and my new job is amazing and I’m working with brilliant people who are helping me get to the place I want to be. So I say go for it! What will you regret more – not taking an opportunity that excites you, or briefly disappointing some colleagues who will forget about it quickly?

  2. Juan

    Take the new role. I was in the same position. I stuck with my agency. 3 months later I was laid off due to “uninspiring work” and the other job was gone.

  3. Grumps

    Don’t feel guilty. Always remember that the workplace is an exchange of skill and money (you get paid for what you bring to the table). Personal feelings, friends you make along the way is a bonus but should not stop you from growing YOURSELF. It’s sad to say but the moment you leave, HR will find someone to replace you. So if the company doesn’t feel bad for you leaving, you shouldn’t too.

    That being said, if your colleagues were really your friends, they would encourage you to leave to find something you want to do. Remember to keep in contact!

  4. CPx

    Never feel guilty for leaving a company. You don’t owe them anything. Frankly, all employees are disposable. Enough of that “we’re a family here” bullshit. Be selfish. Think about your OWN career development.

  5. Ahghjjlhv

    Stop feeling guilty. That’s it. That’s all. Just stop that right now.

  6. CM

    I’m in the same position. I am only on my second week and I can already tell that the job is not for me. I have been job hunting for months and I accepted the offer out of desperation and with hopes that working with nice people would be my saving grace. When I accepted the offer (not started yet), I began getting invitations for interviews and I rejected them because I already took the offer. But now I’m thinking I should have just given those companies a chance and I regret just immediately jumping into something that I knew I wasn’t going to be confident in from the beginning.

  7. You Do You

    Get out of there. What value are you gaining by sticking around? Hell I once quit a job after three weeks because it was not what I envisioned. You don’t owe them anything!


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