Life in advertising and marketing

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Whose job would be at risk

Out at lunch with our new client to get to know them and intro them to their agency team. They asked our MD, loudly in front of us all, whose job would be at risk if they reduced the retainer. Lunch was a little strained after that.

What do you mean when you say script?

Presented a campaign to launch a car for an automotive brand. After hearing their feedback, the account team had a call with a manager level client to talk about how we would address the feedback in the script, to which they replied, “when you say script, what do you mean?”

Make it more rubbish

Presented 4 routes to the client and asked which one he likes the best. Turns to me frustrated and says ‘next time can you make it more rubbish because I can’t choose one’. Baffling

Avoid posting on Instagram

Client hired us as their social agency of record. In their brief, it stated: “we want to avoid posting for and/or engaging with anyone on our Instagram feed. We want to limit our content stream to only Instagram highlights”

The world is still turning

Received a brief from a nationally know client at 2am with a meeting invite for 8am briefing. Needless to say I didn’t make it, and the world is still turning.

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