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Agency celebrates a pitch

Agency celebrates a pitch winning project from a famous car brand. Next week, agency receives from the client a branded deck from another agency that pitched against.

Client: “Please produce this work.”

Bernie chair meme

Client specifically wanted to be involved with memes to make themselves relevant. So as the Bernie chair pic was just taking off, we went with a proactive idea to the client with a meme for their brand. They said no because they didn’t want their brand to be associated with old people.

Just turn it on photoshop

A quick promotional flyer for a famous car rental brand. After a couple of hours of sending it, feedback came:it’s all approved, we just need to change the car in the back, which was a side shot, to a frontal one. We replied sure, we make the change as soon as we have the photo.

Reply from client: just turn it on photoshop and send it ASAP, I need to run it in an hour.

We only want a junior

When I was an AE I worked on a pretty simple job where we were updating an existing TVC with new end frames and VO. A year later the same brief from the same client landed on my desk. I shared the updated cost estimate and immediately proceeded to get berated over the phone because the cost had increased by a few hundred dollars from last time. I calmly explained the only change in cost was the producer fee as our producer had been promoted from a junior to mid-level in that time. She demanded we had a junior producer work on our job to bring the cost down or she’d report me to my boss. We had to lower the fee even though there were no junior producers at our agency anymore…


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