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Just part of the industry culture

Working on a personal project to help make adland culture safer for women. Do you have examples of when you knew something was inappropriate but let it slide or laughed it off because it’s “just part of the industry culture” and now regret it?

FU Right Back

Client: so we want a new creative that really goes beyond our existing brand, something we’ve never seen before.

Me: but won’t that be an issue with your brand team?

Client: no, we want this.

~ Presented amazing creative ~

Client: so we need to use our current brand, can you give us some rationale as to why you’ve changed things so much?

Me: yeh, I’ll just forward you back the email where you asked us to do exactly this.

In the words of Frankee – FU Right Back.

Client dislikes…

From an actual creative brief:

Client dislikes:

  • Italics
  • Serif fonts
  • Peaches
  • Midgets
  • Magnifying glasses

Jump around

I’ve also jumped around A LOT in my 5/6 yrs of working in agencies and have finally found somewhere amazing. As a young woman I’ve often felt the pressure to join the boys club which often feels designed to keep you out of senior roles and my roles in the passed have I’ve never felt passionate about. I’m now working with a great a great team and an amazing manager and I know I’m well respected for what I do. Sometimes jumping around works. Hang in there

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