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An organisation that empowers women

I was a senior director at one of Publicis agencies which at the time just had a new female MD. She made us posed for PR pictures for some magazines etc, saying we are an organisation that empowers women and had a lot of women in high positions. But when one of the client partners screams and shouts at me in the open plan office, and calls me names, she sits at her desk, right in front of me as this is happening, and does nothing.

Imagining things

I’m the head of a dept in a big WPP creative agency. Post lockdown we had a client my CEO was desperate for me to meet. Upon making arrangements the client insisted on meeting at a hotel lobby or his house. I told my CEO I will be declining because I’m not comfortable. He asks me why and asks if the client has been inappropriate? And then continues to tell me that for some reason I’m “imagining things”.

I resigned.

PR agency SVP

“I don’t read the news. I have no idea what’s going on in the world.” – PR agency SVP (Jan 7,2021)

The people that you work with and report to directly really makes a lot of difference

Hi, I’d like to contribute on my experience working for an MNC (under Omnicom) in Singapore.

Throughout my 10 years of being in the industry, I’ve encountered lots of people from all walks of life. There are really those nasty ones/toxic people who are out there to make your life a living hell, and some who are clueless to shit.

Amidst all that, I am very fortunate to have work with a very cool, nurturing and supportive superior who groomed me to where I am right now (currently serving notice to take on bigger roles in another agency). She’s one of a kind.

On the other hand, the so called MD and the VP of the agency had this belief on promoting work-life balance but entertains shit like producing a video within 1 month from start to finish. This kind of productivity doesn’t seem to work in the long run, affects the moral of people working on that cursed project. And of course, when it gets to the limelight, the upper heads get it and claimed that “they worked hard.”

It’s a whole lot of bullshit going on. And the fact that the upper heads are like staunch Christians, sometimes I asked myself if their personal beliefs contradict the way they treat people and work. There ain’t such thing as a bad agency. However, the people that you worked with and report to directly really makes a lot of difference. My boss is of course stuck in the political web between these two, but never ever has she ever vent it on us because obviously it wasn’t our problem. We established the fact that we’ve got each others back is assuring enough that we provide the necessary support for each other when need to, and within our means.

20 years of digital media experience

I worked as an art director for an agency and the newly appoint Head of Media Communications, wanted to have a billboard mocked up for his pitch deck. I asked for the copy and started with the layout for the brand he was working on. A day later, i received a long-ass document with 150 words. Apparently, in his mind it’s fine to have a lot of copy on a billboard because people stop and read.

These billboards will be placed along major highways and airports. Then in order to convince him that it’s not possible to put a lot of copy on billboards, he got irate and told me to just do what was instructed since he has more than 20 years of digital media experience and he knows what he’s talking about. 👌🏻👏🏻

Till date, I have no clue how he ended up as Head of Communications and Media.

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