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Pretending for a minute

At 5pm i get up and walk away from my computer, pretending for a minute that i won’t have to sit back down at it and work for another 6 hours.

The numbers say we lose

In a time of pandemic a CD or a CEO making their teams feel like a failure because the number projections from last year were not achieved… that’s just sick. At my agency we didn’t work less, on the contrary: we got new business from proactive proposals, fought harder, pushed through confinement together with crazy in the craziest of times. We agreed to a salary reduction for the sake of all, to keep everyone… and still wept working like mad. We won awards, tons of them, different titles of agency of the year even. Won clients on a time of budget cuts across the whole market, pushed through work while people’s families were literally dying out there. Still “not enough, no moral victory can be enough ‘cause the numbers say we lose”… Saying this to the teams that stood being your business in the toughest of years for the entire world, is key to total disbelieve and burnout in this field.

I was 22 when I had to wear a heart monitor due to palpitations

I’ve only been in the industry around 4 years but unfortunately already had a few moments of breaking point.
I was 22 when I had to wear a heart monitor due to palpitations. Turned out it was work related stress. That was my first encounter with burn out and had little to no support during it. At the same time I also developed lasting eye damage for spending an incredibly unhealthy amount of time behind my screen.
Although I told myself I would never let anything like that happen again the culture of this industry has a way of forgetting and putting you back on track to exhaustion.

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