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Not hardworking

Lack of vocabulary, most of our clients love using the phrase ‘not hardworking’ in their feedback.
“Your copy is not hardworking enough.” “This visual is not hardworking at all.”

Not hardworking = just don’t feel right about it 😂

Make her sound younger

We recorded a jingle for a TVC once, client had approved the talent beforehand of course. After it was done they asked if we can change her voice and make her sound younger.

Never want to see red

Had a client scream at us that she HATED the color red and never wanted to see it in our shoots again.

She worked for an apple juice company. The product was red. The logo was red.

Just because

Idea: Video for pride month highlighting a spectrum of queer folk & their support systems talking about what they’re proud of.

Feedback (days before pride): Remove everyone in the video who uses the word “queer” because it sounds negative. Remove everyone who doesn’t LOOK cisgendered “just because”.

We lost more than half our content… I ugly cried in the bathroom…

You did the estimate when you worked here

A freelance joined our account service team during a really busy period. She ended up getting a job client side for the client our team managed (worked on their projects at our agency). She ended up being one of the worst clients we’ve worked with. She even fed back on an estimate asking why the costs were so high to which we had to reply “You tell me, you did the estimate when you worked here…”

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