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Never want to see red

Had a client scream at us that she HATED the color red and never wanted to see it in our shoots again.

She worked for an apple juice company. The product was red. The logo was red.

An organisation that empowers women

I was a senior director at one of Publicis agencies which at the time just had a new female MD. She made us posed for PR pictures for some magazines etc, saying we are an organisation that empowers women and had a lot of women in high positions. But when one of the client partners screams and shouts at me in the open plan office, and calls me names, she sits at her desk, right in front of me as this is happening, and does nothing.

Imagining things

I’m the head of a dept in a big WPP creative agency. Post lockdown we had a client my CEO was desperate for me to meet. Upon making arrangements the client insisted on meeting at a hotel lobby or his house. I told my CEO I will be declining because I’m not comfortable. He asks me why and asks if the client has been inappropriate? And then continues to tell me that for some reason I’m “imagining things”.

I resigned.

Just because

Idea: Video for pride month highlighting a spectrum of queer folk & their support systems talking about what they’re proud of.

Feedback (days before pride): Remove everyone in the video who uses the word “queer” because it sounds negative. Remove everyone who doesn’t LOOK cisgendered “just because”.

We lost more than half our content… I ugly cried in the bathroom…

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