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Goodness, health and hydration

I was asked to come up with a campaign strapline for a drink about goodness, health and hydration. But without using any of those words because they legally can’t claim goodness, health or hydration.

Close the M4

A client once asked us to ‘close the M4’ as their company president was flying into London from Heathrow and didn’t want to be stuck in any traffic.

Beach a whale

During a press trip in South Africa, a client once asked if we could find someone who could ‘beach a whale’ as it’d be a great photo opportunity and experience for media to help push it back in the sea.

Why are we using this font?

Client: This font makes everything to hard to read, why are we using this font?

Agency: It’s your brand font.

Give me another word for Africa

I once worked as a copywriter for a client developing a TVC about Africa. After the first script review, client feedback was: “Give me another word for Africa.”


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