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Asked management to spread a rumour

Last week our CEO told us we had to let people go. But she asked management to spread out a rumour in the agency of who’s going so when she had to tell them face to face next week, she said they will be less surprised and kinda expect it, making her meetings less awkward.

I was told it was ‘ok’

After trying to ask for help after wondering if I had been sexually harassed at work I was told it was ‘ok’ as they were ‘head of planning’, ‘it’s advertising’ and I wasn’t ‘married with kids yet’

Fatigue? What fatigue can you possibly have?

im a junior creative and am already on many accounts on my own, but my ACD and CD keeps adding their workload onto mine. i ended up working 7 days a week, and on one weekend i told my CD i cant take on his work as i’ve my best friend’s wedding to attend. both him and my ACD asked me: what is more important to you? your job or a wedding? it’s not even your wedding, why care?

and that’s not all. after working long hours for 2 months straight, i fell ill the doctor thinks it’s due to fatigue. i told my ACD about it and all he replied was: fatigue? what fatigue can you possibly have?

My cousin passed away last year and I had to handle everything

My cousin passed away last year and I had to handle everything. I filed for an emergency leave which would last for 1 week but it was useless.

One of my bosses back then still asked me to work because she was in a training with our clients. She told me she can’t use her laptop or phone because of the training. I was talking to our clients at the same time and they were giving me instructions.

There i was, working on some JOs, briefing our creatives, and issuing requests while mourning for my cousin’s death. While my boss didn’t care at all. Hated her ever since.

We will see if you have the mental stability for a title promotion

My CD literally said “we will see if you have the mental stability for a title promotion.”
He knows I suffer from not only a neurological condition but also have anxiety/depression. That’s how we deal with mental health in 2020. Agencies pretend they care about your mental health and then use it against you.

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